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Random Happy Memory Post

407638_10150468873891938_681261729_nThis picture is beyond creepy, but it was the only one I could get the last time I was “up home”. We lived on the third floor (where the blue light is glowing) from 1999 to 2001. I loved that apartment. I loved climbing up the creepy back staircase. I loved being able to sit in the tub and look out, well, onto my porch and the alley way. Still it was a great view and so different from what I was used to.

It had its problems. Trust me. This apartment was not updated at all. Not even to 1999 standards! The list of how not updated overshadows how great an apartment it was so I’ll just leave it alone. We lived right downtown. That was pretty cool for me. I loved being able to walk around instead of having to take the car everywhere. We lived across the street from the Genetti Hotel and Suites, Williamsport’s version of the Waldorf. Next to the Genetti is the Williamsport Cultural Arts Center where a lot of concerts and such took place. (I saw and met Pat Benetar there!) Two streets down is the Community Theater League. There is also a great park just up the street and my church was literally behind my building.

I LOVED living downtown. I LOVED living in an old building. I LOVED living in the building that quite possibly housed an office my grandfather worked in decades ago (we were never sure and some family said yes he worked there and others just weren’t sure).

I LOVED waking up at 3 a.m. because the street lights were bouncing their orange glow off newly fallen snow. To me this was a particularly joyful thing. At 3 a.m. no one had driven on the snow or walked on it and it looked like a magical winter wonderland. By the time I left for work it looked…lived in. I never begrudged the mornings I was woken up that early just to catch the fresh snow before it was muddied by us humans.

I don’t think I realized it then because I had a lot of worries on my mind then but I felt so chic living downtown and walking places. I hope to have that experience again.



A Good Challenge

IMG_5469My co-workers have issued me a good challenge. I’m addicted to soda, specifically Diet Pepsi. I love Diet Pepsi. I sometimes feel as if I cannot start my day without it. Much like coffee people needing their morning Starbucks, I need my morning Diet Pepsi. My lunch Diet Pepsi. My afternoon Diet Pepsi. You see where I’m going with this addiction. One of our students gave me a separate recycling box for under my desk specifically for cans and bottles. Yeah, just a little embarrassing (more than my grammar).


In effort to cut my diet soda intake down my co-worker AG suggested I bring in 5 cans of diet soda and label them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


I’m trying to drink more water. This summer I was at a work event and I got really dehydrated because I hadn’t had enough water. If you’ve ever been dehydrated you know how horrible it feels – light-headed, dizzy, nauseous.


I can drink the next day’s soda but that just means that I’m down a soda. So if I drink all my sodas by Wednesday then Thursday and Friday I am out sodas while at work.


Well, it is a good challenge and it doesn’t make me feel deprived. I did really well Monday-Thursday. Today…not so much. But that’s okay. I’ll just try again. I can make a different decision next time.

Is It Wednesday Yet?

IMG_0074 I found out that I love working with my iPad. I love my little stylus and drawing and trashing the paper over and over. It makes me feel so much better about all the tree killing I do at work (we make a lot of copies).

My mom is a painter. She does these really wonderful botanical watercolor paintings. She picks each of her paintings apart. We’re very similar that way when it comes to our art. So is my dad. He makes jewelry and he frets over the pieces because he wants to make sure everything is just so.

Tonight a classmate of mine and I talked about our perfectionism. That everything we do we are our own worst critics. We’ve both admitted to break downs early in the quarter. And we admitted tonight that the madness has to stop.

So we’re committing to recognizing that we’re on a journey. We’re improving in our craft right before our very eyes.

So drawing on my iPad, releasing the perfectionism and just playing. The goal for tonight: sketches. That’s it. Just sketches for ideas. Nothing too elaborate. Don’t need to be correct even. Just ideas on paper. Man, how refreshing and fun it was to just do this.

Seriously – if you are a perfectionist you have to try these drawing apps! It’s really freeing.


Yeah, I have nothing tonight. I’m so ready for this week to be over so I can…keep working this weekend because I volunteered.


Dang this heart of gold!