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Musings on My Work







For my digital design class I have to create a website for a product line. Since I already have a product line in place, my currently-on-hold jewelry line, I thought I would use that. I have the branding style, the photographs, the name of the product line, all the stuff that’s good. So tonight’s homework was to play with type studies. Considering that my banner on my Etsy site is this:


I figured I should stick with the arty fart type, but also pull in some vintage look to it since I use a lot of vintage components in my jewelry. I prefer the title on the top left. What say you, internets?

Besides this, things are going really well this quarter. I’m borderline A in my history class and borderline B in my digital design class. I am pretty sure I can earn a B if I keep asking questions and showing up for class. I made one really big mistake mid-quarter. One that I’m pretty embarrassed about. Its my fault entirely, but I could have gotten a much better grade had I actually paid attention to what I was doing.

I’m really enjoying learning how to use type in InDesign. It’s so amazing! I love learning how to use a grid to make a publication! I just have a good time learning it. But website design? oy It’s a struggle. I’m trying to not think of it as a website but as a single design. Dreamweaver is giving me fits. I have the book. I have I just still struggle with it.

Truth be told I’m not all that interested in creating websites but I know it’s a necessary evil. I need to be able to do it all if I want to be a viable candidate for future design firms. So every day I have to dig down into Dreamweaver and try my hardest to figure it out. I will get it. I will. There’s no choice in the matter.