Day by Day

photo 1(1)
Today was a bit easier. I had a lot that took my mind away from my troubles. It was a lot of fun celebrating our Student Assistants; to thank them for being amazing, hard-working, drama free fabulous workaholics. Is it okay that they’re workaholics?





photo 2We gave them all mustaches along with other little gifts that remind us of their contributions: an etch-a-sketch, a pack of crayons, glitter glue sticks, a chevron covered notebook, a can coozie with “I’m not in charge, I just know what you need should be doing” emblazoned on it. You know, the usual stuff.








photo 3(1)They’ll be with us for another week but then we have to let them go for the summer. Remember how I hate saying good-bye? Yeah, even for my Student Assistants, who will be back in Fall, I still feel a pang of sadness.

Or maybe it’s because I know I have to do a search, interview, hire and train new students for just the summer. Ugh. At least I have the process books in place. So I can refer to those when I’m training.

I’m going to miss this merry bunch.




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