Baby Steps = Mini-Adventures

Today was an amazing day. But I need to back up…

I work in a department that focuses on teaching and supporting service and leadership opportunities to our university students and the community. I’ve worked there since May 2012 and was immediately impressed by the students’ passion for service. My office has several different types of service projects that students can participate in throughout the year. Some are on campus, in our community, and some require travel, even internationally. At the end of the year we hold two awards ceremonies for the students to honor them and the work they do. One is the Presidential Service Award and the other is the Impact Awards (where we honor not only the students but our community partners for their service too).

I started to think about my first time as an undergrad. I never did service. I think I did two service projects but only because my theater honor fraternity, that I was Vice President of, decided to give it a shot. But never sought out service projects on my own. So now I that I’m back in school I thought, you know, I should give this a shot!

During one of our staff meetings people started to talk about the extra help they could use for various events, and that if anyone not involved in the event wanted to volunteer to let them know. This was really directed toward our graduate assistants and our AmeriCorp *VISTA rep. I emailed the directors and told them that I wanted to volunteer.

Today was amazing. I joined my colleagues and 600+ university students for our annual fall day of service. I went around to the different service sites and took pictures and Tweeted with our event hashtag. Being an event photographer is something that makes me feel really confident. Also, going out and about to places I don’t know by myself on my own is something that would have made me feel really anxious, triggered my IBS, and generally make me feel miserable. My day started at 6:40 a.m., hit the day of service event until 12:30 and came on home.


BUT it doesn’t end there – I went out and had lunch at a restaurant BY. MY-SELF! Mike was out hanging with some friends and I needed lunch. My friend Rafa has this great quote on his office door. It basically says that if you make friends with yourself you’ll have a friend forever. I took myself out to lunch and enjoyed my own company thoroughly.

This is not to say that I don’t do things myself, I do, but usually its hanging out at home. I rather enjoyed going to the restaurant. I took my iPad and read a book and just sat and enjoyed the quiet time, my wonderful lunch, and treated myself to a nummy dessert.

Overall, I’d say it was a good day. I did somethings I that used to be a challenge that didn’t even feel like a challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is what I want from my life. Confidence. Good times.



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