Kat Meets Her Tribe

I’m pretty certain that Greyhounds aren’t from this planet. They don’t look like other dogs. They’re coats aren’t the usual dog coat. They can fly (when they run there are times when all four feet are off the ground so that’s technically flying…).

943076_10151478630951938_1486435553_nThere were these strange times when all the dogs just stood around. Sort of like the picture to the left, minus the butt-sniffing. I wondered to Mike if now that there were numbers the greyhounds could contact the mothership. Its kind of how it looked. They just stand there and stare around. Okay, yes, they’re site hounds but, come on. That much staring at nothing? Either the park was filled with ghosts or they were contacting the mothership. I stand by this.

The fun part for me was asking everybody else, “Does you dog do ____________ (fill in the blank)?” Kat is my first dog, but I’ve been around dogs a lot. Some of the things she does I’ve never seen other dogs do, such as the standing and staring into space thing. It was the first time any of us met each other, most likely the first time our dogs met each other – maybe they raced together or something but who knows. Maybe one or two of them are related by sires or mothers.

Greys are such great dogs. Kat has such an amazing personality. She’s all kinds of Diva when she wants to be. Other times she’s all tomboy romping through the bushes and yanking on her leash because she knows that breakfast awaits her. Then she’s all snuggle bear and wants nothing more than to lay on the floor and have us spoon her or brush her or talk to her. All I know is that we’re pretty lucky to have her. Yes, I complain about having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn sometimes but she’s such a good puppy.

That was the other thing about the greys we met. All of them were so good. There was not one in the bunch that was aggressive or 996771_10151478630446938_1483581039_nmisbehaving. There were some that were shy and the other greys seemed to pick up on that, respectfully walk around and sniff bits. But no one barked or showed teeth. It was just all play, staring, or laying in the dirt the whole time. These really are good, gentle dogs. We did laugh that we all have seen them have these spurts of pure craziness but on the whole, these are some really good dogs who really want to be with people and other dogs.


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