Wishcasting Wednesday: What Space Do You Wish to Create?

I’m a day late with Wishcasting Wednesdays but it just couldn’t be helped. I used to love doing these writing prompts back when I had a bit more time and my own office. Now I’m in such a public space that it’s a bit weird to write in my public blog while at work. Oh how I miss having my own office.

Not that I want to keep working in corporate world. I want to be a full time artist. That’s my big wish.
This is not what I want:


Or this:


My little secretary/receptionist desk shoved in a corner with no room, little to no storage, under a bank of fluorescent lights. I hate being out in the open. I hate not having some privacy. I’m pretty sensitive so everybody who walks in the door who has a heavy presence, be it positive or negative really affects me.

This is what I want:

Light, air, NO CARPETING!, color, a huge magnetic white board, one section of wall that is mid-tone gray where I can make up my mood boards. The room has to be mine and mine alone. No husband. No pets. Just mine.

a31b58b827925652cc3cacda366d0fafIt doesn’t have to be new.  I love old buildings and exposed brick, but I want it attached to my home. Or on my property – no separate studios for me. I want to work when I want to work, and not have to worry about parking or bad guys downtown.

I want my place to be funky with an ever changing style. Cluttered but creatively cluttered. Right now my “craft room/office” is boxes and clothing all over the place.


I need space. I am in school for graphic design. I have a monitor I hook up to my laptop, a tablet I haven’t used since I bought it because there is no place for it. A scanner that I have been carting around from cluttered room to living room and back again. A gigantic printer that is also being carted around.

But I also make jewelry and paint and draw and photograph my jewelry so I need areas for those things as well.

I walk into my room now and feel immediately claustrophobic. Clothes everywhere. Boxes everywhere. Trash in bags that need to be taken out that I always forget about. It’s like a room that would inspire an episode of Hoarders. I hate going in there much less trying to be creative in there.

It makes me sad. I want a happy place to go. I want it organized and fabulous. I want to work in there and spend time in there but right now I feel so overwhelmed that I hate going in there. I do nothing to make it work. We’ve tried but it just makes more boxes and more trash. I wish I could hire someone to come in and just do it for me. I wish I could say, “Fold those clothes and take them all to Goodwill, take those boxes too. You there, take out the trash.”

But I just stand  there in the space I made to stand in to get dressed in the morning and I look around and think, no I can’t do this today. I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and it remains the same. And the next day, and the next.


8 responses to “Wishcasting Wednesday: What Space Do You Wish to Create?

  1. cindisummerlin

    You have such a beautiful wish… and a beautiful craft room office! I love the color of your walls! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you!

    • Thanks, Cindi, neither of those photos are of my room. I would shame my family if I posted pictures of what my room really looks like. Those are just ideas of what I’d like to see/have.

  2. So many of us crave a dedicated studio space. It certainly can be wonderful!

    As Wendi wishes for herself I also wish for her!

  3. These wishing/writing prompts are cool. I’d like to do them too! — Totally feel ya on wanting a little space all your own where everything is just so. I’m working on that myself. Remember our rooms look a LOT alike! What I’ve always wanted to do was box everything up so I can have a clean slate to look at then once I get the “bones” how I want them, start unpacking and sorting everything until I’ve gotten rid of all the boxes. I want a space that I can feel inspired in, that’s clean and cool and I can listen to my records without being anxious that I should be cleaning. – – Remember you have a friend who’s willing to help in any way, no judgement whatsoever. =c)

  4. As you wish for yourself so I wish for you too!

  5. Personal creative space is precious and soul-inspiring, I really identify with your blog post 🙂
    As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also

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