Hello, Universe, I Wish to Move to Savannah

Yesterday was Wishcasting Wednesdays with Jamie Ridler. I used to follow her Wednesday wishcasting prompts for awhile. Then with school and such I just fell away from the practice, including the practice of blogging.

I decided to start back up again today even though today is Thursday and the prompt was for Wednesday, but I figured it would be okay to do it anyway. One of the fun things about Wishcasting Wednesdays is that I can read what other people wish for and then wish that wish for them too. One of the wishes put out there really got to me.

Amanda of Unfolding Creatively wrote her wish to be out of the South East and in Boulder Colorado. She was traveling and fell in love with Boulder. I know exactly how that feels. I so want to be in Savannah. Its like a need. I need to live there.

37530_412784536937_5119907_nThere is nothing I don’t love about Savannah. Okay, maybe the heat. But seriously, I can deal with that when I’m being fed with so much beauty, architecture, culture, history, and celebration of all those things every day.

I want to live downtown in the historic district in one of the town homes/row houses. A nice private, walled in courtyard and garden would be fantastic. But living in a beautiful old  brick home within walking distance to all the squares where  I could just sit and read a book or draw or paint or whatever. Take the dog and walk around.

Savannah gives me energy like no other place I’ve ever been in my life. My entire life. Being an army brat I moved around a lot until 1987 when we pretty much settled into our last post. But I never fit in there. Never. Now that the base is closed to civilians (unless you’re going to the museum) I can’t even go back to the one home I had longer than a couple of years. So there is no hometown for me.

Home right now is Gainesville but I’m not happy here. I’m uncomfortable here. I’ve done it and I’m over it. There is little to nothing new for me; and there won’t ever be unless I’m a college student. New things pop up for the college students all the time but not for us “old folks” (and by that I mean anyone who is not an undergrad or grad student at the university). The jobs are few and far between. So even changing a career for me doesn’t offer much. Secretary to secretary, admin assistant to clerical assistant. Yes, school should change that but I’m in a town where I’ll be fighting with much younger, much hipper kids for the few creative arts jobs available.

Not that that wouldn’t be an issue in Savannah, but there always seems to be somebody doing something new for everybody there. Age is limitless there. Here it is very much 18-23 focused. The rest of us are just here to babysit.

I want beauty. I want to live surrounded by it. I want to be in the midst of history and culture. I want squares and brick and green. I love all the green. In Florida, yes, I’m mostly allergic to Florida’s green, but when we go to Savannah I don’t seem to have the same allergy issues.

Everything is different there. I feel more creative. I feel happy. I feel that everything is right within my soul.

So God, universe, higher beings, please, please find a way for me to live in Savannah. For me to set roots in the ground and call it home. Thank you.


2 responses to “Hello, Universe, I Wish to Move to Savannah

  1. Wow, I am not sure if I’ve really found my “home” yet either, so I can kind of understand the feeling of longing to be somewhere to put roots. Having a specific spot picked out must be that much stronger of a yearning. — I wish this for you too; for all the wishes that you wish for others, I wish all those wishes to return to you to support your wish too. I can totally see you in Savannah. I really can. I see what you’re doing now as big preparation. Get through school, get some more work experience then put everything full force into making your wish come true! Life’s too short not to give it a try. (And I’d hope you’d let me visit and would show me around, especially Bonaventure!)

    Also, totally loving this blog theme! So pretty!

    • I love this blog theme. I’ve been eyeing it for awhile. And since I’m too poor or cheap to pay for one I figured I might as well claim it like so many other people have. Some day I really need to at least try to give my blog a pretty look.

      I hope that what I’m doing now will propel me to some place awesome, preferably Savannah. But Mike’s the money guy. His job will always make more than any job I’ll ever get so we kind of have to go where his jobs go. We looked in Savannah but the schools there (except for SCAD) are like Santa Fe – they will let anyone in, there’s no specific guidelines for admissions and he really wants to keep working in a school like UF. SCAD just isn’t hiring admissions people.

      So we’re stuck. For now. We’ll get unstuck some day.

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