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Morning Phone Calls – Or Why I Hate People in General


I hate people.

Picture from 23 Undeniable Signs that You are an Assistant ( I also fit the bill for numbers 2, 3, 7, 12 and 17. However, #5 should be rewritten, at least for me, “They have anxiety every time I leave my desk” which is why I fit #8 so perfectly and why today’s phone call transcript fits the picture to the left. In general, I do hate people.

My morning work phone call…
Me: Good morning. Thank you for calling the Center for Leadership and Service, Multicultural and Diversity Affairs and Off Campus Life, this is Wendi.

Caller: OH MY GOD! I’m trying to reach the Off Campus Life and I get this.

Me (keeping that smile in my voice): Yes, ma’am, I answer the phone for three offices including Off Campus Life may I –

Caller: OH MY GOD I can’t believe I cannot get the Off Campus Life.

Me (smile fading, but hanging in there): Ma’am you have reached Off Campus Life, may I  transfer you?

Caller: Yes, yes, I need to speak to the Off Campus Life! (I transfer her. They are out of their office doing preview tabling for incoming freshmen so it goes to voice mail.)

Phone Rings

Me: Good morning. Thank you for calling –

Same Woman: OH MY GOD I am trying to reach the Off Campus Life and I keep getting you.

Me (smile clinging to my voice for dear life): Yes, ma’am, I am the secretary, I answer the phone for –

Caller: Why is it I keep getting you when I am trying to reach the Off Campus Life?!

Me: Ma’am, you have reached Off Campus Life. The staff is out of the office right now they are at –

Caller: No, I am trying to speak to the people! All I am getting right now are the machines, the machines and no people. You need to let me speak to the people who know how to help me because my daughter is trying to come to school and needs to have a place to live and we need to talk to the Off Campus Life.

Me (forget the smile now): Ma’am, I am trying to help you. The Off Campus Life staff are at Freshman Preview helping other new students find housing. If you would let me –

Caller tries to interrupt but I plow on ahead

Me: As I was saying, if you would let me transfer you to their voicemail, they will return your phone call as soon as they come back to the office.

Caller: Yes, I need the people who know what they are talking about to help me.

Me (smile totally gone right now): Yes, ma’am and they will help you but you have to let me transfer you to their voicemail so they know that they need to call you and help you. They are not in the office right now but they will be here today in an hour or so and they WILL call you back but ONLY if you let me transfer you to their voicemail. Okay?!

Caller (smugly): Yes, do this transfer to the voicemail and they will call me back because I need housing for my daughter…

Me: I’m transferring now…(click transfer button, dial extension, hang up) Bitch.


Kat Meets Her Tribe

I’m pretty certain that Greyhounds aren’t from this planet. They don’t look like other dogs. They’re coats aren’t the usual dog coat. They can fly (when they run there are times when all four feet are off the ground so that’s technically flying…).

943076_10151478630951938_1486435553_nThere were these strange times when all the dogs just stood around. Sort of like the picture to the left, minus the butt-sniffing. I wondered to Mike if now that there were numbers the greyhounds could contact the mothership. Its kind of how it looked. They just stand there and stare around. Okay, yes, they’re site hounds but, come on. That much staring at nothing? Either the park was filled with ghosts or they were contacting the mothership. I stand by this.

The fun part for me was asking everybody else, “Does you dog do ____________ (fill in the blank)?” Kat is my first dog, but I’ve been around dogs a lot. Some of the things she does I’ve never seen other dogs do, such as the standing and staring into space thing. It was the first time any of us met each other, most likely the first time our dogs met each other – maybe they raced together or something but who knows. Maybe one or two of them are related by sires or mothers.

Greys are such great dogs. Kat has such an amazing personality. She’s all kinds of Diva when she wants to be. Other times she’s all tomboy romping through the bushes and yanking on her leash because she knows that breakfast awaits her. Then she’s all snuggle bear and wants nothing more than to lay on the floor and have us spoon her or brush her or talk to her. All I know is that we’re pretty lucky to have her. Yes, I complain about having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn sometimes but she’s such a good puppy.

That was the other thing about the greys we met. All of them were so good. There was not one in the bunch that was aggressive or 996771_10151478630446938_1483581039_nmisbehaving. There were some that were shy and the other greys seemed to pick up on that, respectfully walk around and sniff bits. But no one barked or showed teeth. It was just all play, staring, or laying in the dirt the whole time. These really are good, gentle dogs. We did laugh that we all have seen them have these spurts of pure craziness but on the whole, these are some really good dogs who really want to be with people and other dogs.

Hello, Universe, I Wish to Move to Savannah

Yesterday was Wishcasting Wednesdays with Jamie Ridler. I used to follow her Wednesday wishcasting prompts for awhile. Then with school and such I just fell away from the practice, including the practice of blogging.

I decided to start back up again today even though today is Thursday and the prompt was for Wednesday, but I figured it would be okay to do it anyway. One of the fun things about Wishcasting Wednesdays is that I can read what other people wish for and then wish that wish for them too. One of the wishes put out there really got to me.

Amanda of Unfolding Creatively wrote her wish to be out of the South East and in Boulder Colorado. She was traveling and fell in love with Boulder. I know exactly how that feels. I so want to be in Savannah. Its like a need. I need to live there.

37530_412784536937_5119907_nThere is nothing I don’t love about Savannah. Okay, maybe the heat. But seriously, I can deal with that when I’m being fed with so much beauty, architecture, culture, history, and celebration of all those things every day.

I want to live downtown in the historic district in one of the town homes/row houses. A nice private, walled in courtyard and garden would be fantastic. But living in a beautiful old  brick home within walking distance to all the squares where  I could just sit and read a book or draw or paint or whatever. Take the dog and walk around.

Savannah gives me energy like no other place I’ve ever been in my life. My entire life. Being an army brat I moved around a lot until 1987 when we pretty much settled into our last post. But I never fit in there. Never. Now that the base is closed to civilians (unless you’re going to the museum) I can’t even go back to the one home I had longer than a couple of years. So there is no hometown for me.

Home right now is Gainesville but I’m not happy here. I’m uncomfortable here. I’ve done it and I’m over it. There is little to nothing new for me; and there won’t ever be unless I’m a college student. New things pop up for the college students all the time but not for us “old folks” (and by that I mean anyone who is not an undergrad or grad student at the university). The jobs are few and far between. So even changing a career for me doesn’t offer much. Secretary to secretary, admin assistant to clerical assistant. Yes, school should change that but I’m in a town where I’ll be fighting with much younger, much hipper kids for the few creative arts jobs available.

Not that that wouldn’t be an issue in Savannah, but there always seems to be somebody doing something new for everybody there. Age is limitless there. Here it is very much 18-23 focused. The rest of us are just here to babysit.

I want beauty. I want to live surrounded by it. I want to be in the midst of history and culture. I want squares and brick and green. I love all the green. In Florida, yes, I’m mostly allergic to Florida’s green, but when we go to Savannah I don’t seem to have the same allergy issues.

Everything is different there. I feel more creative. I feel happy. I feel that everything is right within my soul.

So God, universe, higher beings, please, please find a way for me to live in Savannah. For me to set roots in the ground and call it home. Thank you.

Wishcasting Wednesday: What Space Do You Wish to Create?

I’m a day late with Wishcasting Wednesdays but it just couldn’t be helped. I used to love doing these writing prompts back when I had a bit more time and my own office. Now I’m in such a public space that it’s a bit weird to write in my public blog while at work. Oh how I miss having my own office.

Not that I want to keep working in corporate world. I want to be a full time artist. That’s my big wish.
This is not what I want:


Or this:


My little secretary/receptionist desk shoved in a corner with no room, little to no storage, under a bank of fluorescent lights. I hate being out in the open. I hate not having some privacy. I’m pretty sensitive so everybody who walks in the door who has a heavy presence, be it positive or negative really affects me.

This is what I want:

Light, air, NO CARPETING!, color, a huge magnetic white board, one section of wall that is mid-tone gray where I can make up my mood boards. The room has to be mine and mine alone. No husband. No pets. Just mine.

a31b58b827925652cc3cacda366d0fafIt doesn’t have to be new.  I love old buildings and exposed brick, but I want it attached to my home. Or on my property – no separate studios for me. I want to work when I want to work, and not have to worry about parking or bad guys downtown.

I want my place to be funky with an ever changing style. Cluttered but creatively cluttered. Right now my “craft room/office” is boxes and clothing all over the place.


I need space. I am in school for graphic design. I have a monitor I hook up to my laptop, a tablet I haven’t used since I bought it because there is no place for it. A scanner that I have been carting around from cluttered room to living room and back again. A gigantic printer that is also being carted around.

But I also make jewelry and paint and draw and photograph my jewelry so I need areas for those things as well.

I walk into my room now and feel immediately claustrophobic. Clothes everywhere. Boxes everywhere. Trash in bags that need to be taken out that I always forget about. It’s like a room that would inspire an episode of Hoarders. I hate going in there much less trying to be creative in there.

It makes me sad. I want a happy place to go. I want it organized and fabulous. I want to work in there and spend time in there but right now I feel so overwhelmed that I hate going in there. I do nothing to make it work. We’ve tried but it just makes more boxes and more trash. I wish I could hire someone to come in and just do it for me. I wish I could say, “Fold those clothes and take them all to Goodwill, take those boxes too. You there, take out the trash.”

But I just stand  there in the space I made to stand in to get dressed in the morning and I look around and think, no I can’t do this today. I’ll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and it remains the same. And the next day, and the next.