Day 2 of “The Magic” – The Magic Rock

Yesterday’s experiment with gratitude was pretty interesting. I made my list of 10 things I was grateful for and then as the day went on mentally added more and more. I should have written them down because I could have used them for this morning entry of 10 more things I am grateful for instead of having to figure out new things.

Magic Rock!

Magic Rock!

Part of yesterday’s work was to read the entry for today. The Magic Rock. Say what? A magic rock? Are joking. The idea originated from “The Secret”. One of the contributors told a story of how he carried a smooth river rock in his pocket. Every time he put his hand in his pocket and felt the rock it reminded him to think of something he was grateful for, and then he gave thanks. This concept is nothing new. A few years ago during Lent the church I attended gave us each a smaller scale version of a nail similar to the ones used to nail Jesus to the cross. We were to keep that nail in our pockets and every time we touched it we were to remember Christ dying on the cross for us and give thanks. I still have that nail. It’s about 5 years old. I carried it everywhere. I carried an Over Eater’s Anonymous coin in my pocket for several months. I’ve carried smooth rocks too. All with the same intention – the object is there to remind us of our blessings.

For “The Magic” instead of carrying the rock in my pocket, my Magic Rock (that’s it up there in that photo on my pillowcase – it’s about the size of a quarter) sits on my beside table on my C-PAP machine. Before bed every night I’m to hold the rock in my hand, think back and pick out the one thing I am most grateful for from the events of the day. So I held the rock in my hand and went over the day.

I smiled a lot. I giggled some. When I finally found the one big thing I was grateful for I said it (in my head – or out loud if you wish, I don’t care to) and then said, “thank you, Lord, thank you, thank you” as instructed. It felt good. What was my one big thing I was grateful for Monday evening? The last of all the graduate assistants (GAs)I work with finally gave me access to his calendar. It seems like such a trivial thing but yesterday was the prime example of why its important that the secretary have all the calendars of all the staff. When someone comes in looking for help or someone to talk to I can go to the calendar and either set up an appointment or tell the person when the GA will be in, or in yesterday’s case, tell the person where he can go find the GA. Our GAs do a lot with the students who come into our offices. They’re confidants, supervisors, friends, a big brother or sister. They are, a lot of times, the first person the students see when they need help. So being able to have calendar access to help those GAs and the students is wonderful.

So it sounds silly – especially when I read about how the Magic Rock will open my world to an abundance of things I can have (what’s with all the getting?) – but it was nice to sit for a moment and reflect back on my day and end it with thanksgiving.


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