2013 365 Project

Day 1 - The Lion lays down with the lambDay 2 - PersonalityDay 15 yeah I'm hittin' that...the pillow I mean!Day 16 my kick ass Caitlin Moran inspired boots. #project365Day 17 Vegas style tally board for open #floridaalternativebreaks trips #project365Day 18 Haunted stairway at #moonriverbrewing I want to get up those stairs!
Day 18 #project365 old Sheldon church ruinsDay 20 Nothing to see here, move along, move along. #project365Day 21 the beginnings of a clean work desk #project365Day 25 sunny side up? Mixing paint. #project365My first ever painting. Day 26 #project365Day 31 #project365
Day 33 (again) pink elephant finally gets some love. #project365Day 34 not mine #project365Day 35 "I'm gone with the wind fabulous.....and twirl and twirl..." On AG's doorDay 36 now these are mine. Mike has good taste in flower choosing! #project365Day 37 a little henna #project365upload
Day 39 another abstract collage #project365Day 40 another abstract collage #project365Day 42 wurm app #project365

2013 365 Project, a set on Flickr.

Well, so far the #project365 is going…well, it’s going. Out of 44 days I have 21 photos. I think though I have more. I’ll have to see because all my photos were moved off my phone and put into the computer.


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