Oh the colors, the pretty, pretty colors

I have had so much fun painting these colors. I can’t believe that I had fun and that I possibly did a respectful job considering my skill level. I’m totally stoked. I can’t wait until we pass the painting portion of my class so I can play with my paints. Right now I’m using them up for class and I’m a little fearful of using them up for play. But it’s been more fun that I thought. Here is my lovely color scale swatch for you to enjoy. If you feel the need for critique, fine, just remember I’m a beginning so tips and tricks are always welcome. Keep your harsh to yourself.



2 responses to “Oh the colors, the pretty, pretty colors

  1. So awesome! You were so nervous, but this might just be one of those natural things you’re good at and are just discovering! So far so good, I’d say. — Wow, the blog redesign looks fantastic too!

    • Thanks. I guess I will really find out how I’m doing at the end of next week when the project gets graded. Regardless of that outcome I hope I won’t be scared off. I hope I will continue to find playing with acrylics to be something I enjoy doing.

      The blog redesign is so fun! So grateful to the designer who came up with the vintage camera layouts. There are others but this one reminds me of my trusty Pentax K1000 (totally manual and 100% 35mm!)

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