One Word 2013

For 2013 I decided that my One Word would be Yes.

In improv actors are taught to always say yes in a scene. Saying no essentially shuts a scene down, it can’t move forward if someone isn’t willing to say yes and take another step.

My life is full of improv no’s. Too many negatives: I can’t, I don’t have ______, no. So this year I’m saying a healthy yes. I will consider what I can gain and learn if I say yes, and what I might lose if I say no.

Saying Yes, though, also means saying no at times. I have to learn to prioritize, set my boundaries. By saying no to one thing I’ll be able to say yes to something else.

At the website creators made an inspiration gallery with beautiful pictures of female athletes doing their thing. Each picture has a saying:

“I will stretch the limits of what I thought was possible.” Yes.

“I will take on anything in my path.” Yes.

“I will immerse myself fully in everything I do.” Yes.

“I will keep an open mind and an open heart.” Yes.

“I will run out of reasons to stay where I am.” Yes.

“I will discover new strengths.” Yes.

“I will fly in the face of convention.” Heavens, yes!

When I read these I thought mostly of my hesitation towards continuing my art school education. A former professor told me once that I say no entirely too quickly when we began a project. He said even in my introduction to the class I make it ultra clear that I am not an “artist” (in the drawing sense of the word), which gave him the first impression that I wasn’t willing to try or to learn. It was something I truly needed to hear.

So this quarter my bios have included only positive thoughts. I’m excited to step out of my photography comfort zone and learn something new! I am looking forward to the challenge of something new. Yes, yes, yes!


4 responses to “One Word 2013

  1. I very interesting perspective and word choice. It will be excited to see how it comes out in 2013.

    Epiphany is my word for 2013. I’m excited to see God revealed in new ways in the coming year.

  2. Yes…hard word, but praying that God showers you with the opportunities to step out in courage and faith to saying, “Yes!” I can say from experience that it isn’t easy, but so worth it. Being a fellow artist myself, I can relate to saying no in that area a time or two. Blessings to you.

    • Thank you! Yes has been a very hard word to keep working with. With that being said I’ve noticed that even just keeping the attitude has given me energy to keep going. The last few nights I’ve had projects for class that used to terrify me. But keeping the spirit of yes, of positivity, of keeping forward motion in my head I am unafraid to try and work. I look forward to the challenge and enjoy it while I’m working it.

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