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Oh the colors, the pretty, pretty colors

I have had so much fun painting these colors. I can’t believe that I had fun and that I possibly did a respectful job considering my skill level. I’m totally stoked. I can’t wait until we pass the painting portion of my class so I can play with my paints. Right now I’m using them up for class and I’m a little fearful of using them up for play. But it’s been more fun that I thought. Here is my lovely color scale swatch for you to enjoy. If you feel the need for critique, fine, just remember I’m a beginning so tips and tricks are always welcome. Keep your harsh to yourself.



YES! Primary Colors!


I haz primary colors!

Never have I been this excited about primary colors. I guess I’m excited because these primary colors are colors I created with my own hands. Well, a few pots of acrylic paint and my own hands and a pallette knife and some paper and paint brush because you have to test…. Let me

Mix mix mix...ugh where is the freaking red?!?!

Mix mix mix…ugh where is the freaking red?!?!

just show you. See you take two hues and then mix and paint and then mix again and paint again and then…you get the point. You do this until you find the color you want. In this case, I mixed Cadmium Red Light and Alizarin Crimson Hue to get – TA DA! – red.

What has never made much sense to me is why there just wasn’t a red acrylic paint to begin with. Why not just have pre-mixed acrylics of good quality (I know that there is an actual primary red, I have a bottle of it sitting on my desk…just ignore it).

Regardless I did find it fun even though it took an hour to get the red just right. And just that tiny amount too. But I did it and that’s what is important. Tomorrow I must start mixing the yellow, red, and blue with other colors to get a swatch set for class. I have to get nine more colors from these three primary colors mixed with my other paints. YAY!!!! I’m pretty excited about that. It should be fun, paint every where! I actually want to paint something. Take some canvas paper and paint a scene or something; I should, probably, but I have limited paint and that stuff is freaking expensive! Who knew? Well, regardless, I’m having a good time. That’s the most important thing. I’m having fun doing something I never thought would ever be fun.

Who knows, maybe I’ll become an abstract painter!

One Word 2013

For 2013 I decided that my One Word would be Yes.

In improv actors are taught to always say yes in a scene. Saying no essentially shuts a scene down, it can’t move forward if someone isn’t willing to say yes and take another step.

My life is full of improv no’s. Too many negatives: I can’t, I don’t have ______, no. So this year I’m saying a healthy yes. I will consider what I can gain and learn if I say yes, and what I might lose if I say no.

Saying Yes, though, also means saying no at times. I have to learn to prioritize, set my boundaries. By saying no to one thing I’ll be able to say yes to something else.

At the website creators made an inspiration gallery with beautiful pictures of female athletes doing their thing. Each picture has a saying:

“I will stretch the limits of what I thought was possible.” Yes.

“I will take on anything in my path.” Yes.

“I will immerse myself fully in everything I do.” Yes.

“I will keep an open mind and an open heart.” Yes.

“I will run out of reasons to stay where I am.” Yes.

“I will discover new strengths.” Yes.

“I will fly in the face of convention.” Heavens, yes!

When I read these I thought mostly of my hesitation towards continuing my art school education. A former professor told me once that I say no entirely too quickly when we began a project. He said even in my introduction to the class I make it ultra clear that I am not an “artist” (in the drawing sense of the word), which gave him the first impression that I wasn’t willing to try or to learn. It was something I truly needed to hear.

So this quarter my bios have included only positive thoughts. I’m excited to step out of my photography comfort zone and learn something new! I am looking forward to the challenge of something new. Yes, yes, yes!