Early Morning Musings

Kat and I have been up since just before six a.m. Since I wasn’t able to go back to sleep I went to the TV. This is what I think of TV at six a.m. I know, this is intellectual writing right here.

1. There are more juicers/smoothie makers/blenders for sale via infomercials than I’ve seen on the shelves at Target. While all the blenders/juicers/smoothie makers all look the same (think Magic Bullet), they have different names. I think it’s a scam. If it looks like a Magic Bullet and blends like a Magic Bullet…

2. Is anyone actually watching “The Real World” anymore?

3. The Hills is a really stupid show. How does Heidi Montage not see what a complete douche bag Spencer Pratt is? I’m so glad that show isn’t on anymore.

4. There is more talent on “Toddlers and Tiaras” than there is on MTV period.

5. There are treasures in the pantry! I found a bag on the floor of the pantry. Not only did it contain random junk I found eight more bottles of finger nail polish! Right now, my fingernails are painted Tiffany Imposter by Finger Paints.

6. If I have time, I might add Art Your Wondering on top of Tiffany Imposter.

7. I’m hungry. We don’t have any breakfast foods in our pantry. Finger nail polish, yes, breakfast foods no. That’s how our family rolls.

There’s not a whole lot of smarts rocking around in my brain right now.



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