Art, Making Art, Learning Art, Expanding Art

I really loved having Thursday and Friday off. I really needed that vacation.

Thursday my friend Fee came over and brought with her a treasure box(es) of stamps, papers, all kinds of stuff! She taught me how to make Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). I’ve been wanting to make these for some time but never tried. I’m bad about that, wanting to do something but just never trying. But once I got started I couldn’t stop. The Tiffany and Co. card to the left was the first one I made. I love that cat stamp. Reminds me of Lizzie. Fee calls Lizzie Lil’ Peanut Head. It’s a perfect nickname for her, she does have a little peanut head.

I really got into it. It would have been hard not to get into it after looking at all of Fee’s cards. She’s made some really amazing ones. She even made one for me. It says Los Muertos Pueden Volar, which means the dead can fly. I think it’s pretty cool. Fee’s pretty much a fearless artist. She just tries whatever and does whatever really well. But we’re very similar in the getting our butts in gear and being artists.

Fee’s a really good friend. I have to say that I’ve always been really blessed with some wonderful friends. It’s funny, too, how I meet these good friends. Fee is a librarian at our branch library. Whenever I checked out we would always chat about the books. Eventually we swapped Facebook names and became friends. Then we hired her to walk Kat during the week days. Her work schedule is flipped to mine, so we rarely get to hang out.

That Moon Pie is calling my name.


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