Wrap Up

I don’t know what I want to write about. I’ve been reading some really beautiful blogs lately that have left me feeling like I’m not writing with authenticity. Buzz word: authentic.

I feel like I live surrounded by buzz words. Not that the term buzz words is even buzzing anymore, there’s another term for buzz words now. I sort of feel like buzz words. At one time I was the right thing but now I’ve been replaced by something more appropriate and branded. Branding, there’s another one of those words.

It’s been an emotional weekend. It’s been an emotional couple of weeks. The Truth has been shared with me a lot lately. Some of it starts out hard to take and ends up being amazing. Other times it starts out bad and stays bad. I’m finding solace in the shiny world, the Hidden Valley of Pintrest.

What do I want to write? The Truth. I want to tell you everything. Everything that has rolled through my heart over the last few weeks. But I don’t because I know people will say things. They will say things that will hurt or question and I’ll feel bad about myself. And all of that contradicts what I want to accomplish.

I don’t want to hurt anyone but I want to release my hurt. I want to let it go.


6 responses to “Wrap Up

  1. i hope you do release it. if not here, in this space, then on paper. somewhere.

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