Cupcakes, Pastels and Signs for Work = Major Change?

When I looked at the rest of the classes for my BA in photography at SCAD I realized how little I wanted to take them. The courses I wanted to take were medium and large format camera photography, study in black and white, study in color, the arty farty things. The five classes I had left were digitizing photos for print and digitizing photos for web. I don’t want to print my own photos. It’s too dang expensive. Plus I can take them to a pro printer and get them done really well on a variety of papers, even metal! I also figured that with graphic design I’d learn the digitizing photos and graphics for web development.

What changed my mind? Besides the sheer lack of photography jobs available? This:

ImageThis is the first time I’ve ever worked with pastels. First time. I think I did pretty dang good. The frosting was pretty neon…I’m not sure if I captured that enough. While I love the end product, I did love the journey. I enjoyed figuring out how to do this and then how to use the pastels. It was so much fun. Color! I’m finally working with color!! Lots of it! It’s all over my hands and my clothes. It’s fantastic.

Not that as a photographer I wouldn’t be using color, but I wouldn’t be making my own colors. Also, I really liked the final motif design I did for my Design I class. I am checking out books about fabric printing and design.

Then I had to do this:

ImageI’ve been tasked with making signs for new employees in my office. This one is for the Big Boss. I wanted the sign to look like a pub sign, a chalkboard sign. I’m really proud of the lettering I did and the ribbon at the top.

ImageI love those details and I’m really proud of myself. I saw a video about a designer who is known for her hand lettering. I was fascinated by it, I had no idea someone could make a living making signs!

I’ve started collecting a ton of advert postcards that the student organizations hand out. One of the women in my office is on the G’ville roller derby team. I’ve started a collection of those advert cards because they’re so cool!

This is me. I like to draw – O. M. G.!!!! – and I want to play with colors and letters for the rest of my life. I’ve always known this. I just always hid from it. Put me in a fabric store and I’m walking out with at least a yard of fabric in some insane color. The bead store is my haven. All the beads are displayed by color in ROYGBIV standard. While I do feel extremely at home with my photography I’m beginning to feel a similar way towards pastels and the designs I’m seeing online. I’m inspired.


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