The “Paranormal” Quirk

Truth be told I’ve had a few things on my mind since Saturday when I frantically sent a text to a friend about a mutual friend as Mike and I were passing the street they lived on. The feeling was so intense. I was in a moving car, I was at least a block from their home passing it in said moving car when WHAMMY this knowledge, idea, theory, thought hit me.

This happens to me a lot. Today I was told it is because I’m an empath. One of my five core strengths is empathy. Empathy tend to be pretty sensitive to their surroundings. For me, if I’m around someone who is joyful and radiates positivity, I, too, feel that. But if I’m around someone radiating negativity or bad juju I can, if I’m not careful, fall into my own dark mood.

While we were walking through the Thomas Center I didn’t sense anything around me. I did see two black silhouettes out of the corner of my eye walk into a corner room. But much like my experience at Eastern State Penitentiary, I didn’t feel anything, nothing good or bad, just some curiosity to a corner nook.

Tonight, though, I took Kat out as usual. She was her friendly self, offered to supervise our downstairs neighbors with the remainder of their moving out activities. But then her attention was pulled, no, demanded away from them and me. She didn’t want to go where we go when I take her out at night alone. She kept trying to pull me in another direction entirely, a way we never go at night. She’d stop and watch the far side of the pond, one ear perked all the way up and the other at half mast. And she kept doing it until she all but ran, and dragged me!, back up the stairs and into the house.

To say she’s never done this is an understatement. She’s never ran after trying to investigate, in her own way, something. I think on it know and realize she wasn’t afraid or curious, but protective. She stood in front of me, her posture tall and strong. She wasn’t backing down.

It didn’t so much as freak me out but wonder at what she saw or heard that had caused her to go on the defensive. We’ve seen owls and deer and other dogs, people don’t bother her. But whatever she saw, and I couldn’t feel, she wanted to take me away from it. She didn’t slow down until we got to the top of the stairs where she gave me a quick check, her eyes slightly wild and then dragged me again to the door.

UPDATE: Kat did this same thing again last night. But even more so. She did not want to go past the pond for anything in the world.


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