Dear Lane Bryant,

Dear Lane Bryant,

Recently I visited your store in Gainesville, FL where I was pretty much ignored by the staff and then shocked by what one of the sales associates was wearing. (A purple tube top is just not proper, not even in a boutique.) But before I tell you that you suck let me explain why you suck.
1. Not every woman sized 14+ is 5’7″ tall. A variety of pant length sizes would be appreciated. And I don’t just mean online, but actually in your stores. I for one have a 27″ inseam. Your pants leave 3 inches of leg that I have to do something with. Is it a bonus accessory once I cut it off?

Not me, not my image, but at least she can see her shoes. I can never see my shoes when I wear Lane Bryant pants.

2. Having one or two pairs of “petite” sizes does not make up for your lack of size diversity. Every time I’ve gone into my local store I’ve seen exactly two pairs of petite sized pants. Just two. And I’m pretty sure based on the wear and tear of the tag that it’s always the same two.

3. Back to pant length: Considering how much your over long pants cost, I find it disturbing that every sales associate tells me, “just hem your pants!”. This is an additional cost that I don’t want to pay. I’m already paying $40, $50, $60 for your pants. Now I have to chuck out extra money because you can’t offer lengths?

4. Regarding cost: why are you charging $30+ for T-shirts made of extremely poor quality? I have purchased less expensive, softer and better made T-shirts at Wal-Mart.

So let me sum up: You suck. Lower your prices or make the quality better; and most of all, add some effing length choices in all of your pants!

Sincerely, Short and Pissed

I posted this letter to Lane Bryant’s Facebook wall. This is the response I received: “We appreciate hearing your thoughts and will forward them to the appropriate depts. “ Then my post was deleted. Quickly. So I re-posted and added their comment and another comment from me: How many of you have spent a bunch of money at Lane Bryant only to find out that after one wearing you find a hole in the seam? Or a hole in the fabric?

I highly doubt that LB Facebook people will jump at the chance to start making pant lengths just because I troll them on Facebook, but damned if I’m the only woman who shops with Lane Bryant who has noticed the lack of quality but not the lowering of prices on their too long clothing.
Another Update!!
Another young woman made a reply comment to my post to Lane Bryant. This is what she wrote (I copied it directly, so forgive the mispellings and grammar issues, I can only claim my own!):

I have to agree with this person. It is s( frustrating to find nice clothes shellout the money and still have to hem the pants. Not to mention ur petiet pants are still too long. U guys use to make the pants perfect! And offer more varieties in petiets. This is why I don’t shop at ur store as often as I use to. I am begining to hate shopping because I have to fux everything anyways. Why not offer hemming services is the store? Alot of places are offering this service.
Ladies, please, if you do not like Lane Bryant or any other store because they are basically discriminating against body type, rise up! Let me know and I will be right there with you!!! If you’re on Facebook, here is the link to the post Go there and make a comment! Take your stand. Diversity in clothing!

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