Exercises 5 and 6 – Perspectives and Hatching!

Last week was fun in drawing. I actually preferred the Exercise 6 study to Exercise 5.

In Ex5 we were supposed to draw foreground, middle, and background and focus on value using vine charcoal. I hate charcoal. I hate how it makes my hands all nasty. More importantly, I hate that every time I use it the dang charcoal closes up my lungs and I wind up sucking on my inhaler a few times so  can breathe and stop the wheezing and whistling in my chest.


Exercise 6 was a lot of fun. I can start to see where I need to make some changes, especially on the upside down bowl. Ellipses are just too much fun!  Over all I think this is pretty good since it was my first time using Conte sticks and gray toned paper, oh and that whole I really don’t feel comfortable with my drawing thing.

I’m really excited.  The other day I found all of my negatives and digi pics of Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA. Tooting my own horn and all, there are some damn fine pictures I shot on film. I cannot wait to share them with you.



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