Drawing II Works in Progress

Since this really is supposed to be a blog for my journey through art school. This semester I’m taking Drawing II and 20th Century Art (history). Drawing II is kicking my butt, as usual. I should have taken Drawing II the quarter directly after Drawing I. I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned.

Right off the bat we had to create a still life composition on 18×24″ drawing paper. This, if you remember, is the project we had three weeks to complete. Now I had to complete the same project (different composition, of course) in one week.

I didn’t get so far with this. I got wrapped up doing all the shading. I feel like I got the shading and the drop cloth right around the train case, box and candle but then I got so excited to be playing with charcoal again and totally lost sight of what I was doing.

Week 2 we started working on thumbnails of various angles of the same composition. We had to use a window or some interesting architectural thing. I chose our front door window and some buildings around work. Later I had to go back and add the three thumbs on the right side of the page. I continue to struggle with spheres and circles and cylinders.

We have to take one of these thumbs and make a large additive/subtractive print using black and white conte on gray felt paper. I’m going to use the basic of the top left thumb but add the candlesticks from the middle right.

Last night I had to turn in another set of thumbs of yet another still life scene using only spheres and cylindrical objects. Shading had to be done with cross hatching. I just want to beat my head in the wall.

At some point I have to take one of these thumbs and turn it into a large composition. I’m considering the top right and bottom left. It really helps to be able to step back and see these after a few hours. But dang if I don’t need help drawing flat circle-y things, like the top of the bowl there. (All these items are at work. Beth’s beach ball, a vase left behind by the former secretary, the bowl is the condiment bowl turned upside down, a roll of paper towels, some cups and a salt shaker. Good times!)


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