Design I Follow Up

I doesn’t look like I posted the final motifs I did for Design I. I really loved my Design I class. The final project was so much fun.

First we had to create a motif, which I posted in “Been Away and Back“. I decided to use a mudra as my main focus. Confession: the mudra pictured is mine, but I traced it from a photograph. My prof gave me permission because he knows how long it takes me to draw my own original work. The second week of class he emailed me and said, “Wendi, just trace it. Just trace it all from here.” The neat thing was that I got to collage the tracings I did  to create my master works.

Anyway, here is where I started with my final motif pattern: We started with a shading of the motif.

We had to submit the full pattern in gray shading. It seems I do as much “drawing” with an eraser as I do with the graphite:

Then we moved to adding color:

And finally we submitted the color full motif pattern

The final was to paint the pattern with acrylics. I won’t post that because it looks nothing like my color pencil work (the hands look like they were painted with poo.) I’m quite happy with the work I did here. Maybe when I have more time I’ll continue to practice this.


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