Alien Allergy Testing

Holy Sh**!!!Allergists mean businessNew TattooAllergens!!!!More Allergens!!!!Allergens everywhere
Melons and LatexRelieve me!Slow reliefLiquid TortureNeedles and VialsGroovy Atomic Nebulizer

Alien Allergy Testing, a set on Flickr.

Spent a lovely morning getting poked and prodded to find out that I’m allergic to the outdoors.

And cats and watermelons.


2 responses to “Alien Allergy Testing

  1. Stephany Whelihan

    Allergy testing is quite expensive and i paid for it to know which foods i am allergic too. “‘”;.

    Yours trully“>

    • I am lucky that my health care provider, insurance coverage I get through my job, covered the testing. I had a co-pay, but supposedly my insurance will cover my weekly shots.

      I think it is extremely important to get tested if your life has been as stalled out as mine has. I mean, I basically found out that I’m allergic to the entire outdoors, at least in the state of Florida. I would lose at least one day a week to my allergies.

      Food allergies are even worse, so if you have to scrape, borrow or borrow some more to get tested do it. Your health is important. No one should suffer debilitating allergies and reactions when there is obviously a cure to be had.

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