This Clothes Horse is Nekid

The worst thing about losing weight, gaining weight and then starting to lose it again is the lack of clothing options. When I lost that 30lbs. back in 2010 I said I would not gain it back. If my pants were too tight I would exercise and lose it! I got rid of all my larger clothing. All of it.

But then, almost imediately my then new job turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life, and I used the office Christmas treats as an excuse for adding ten pounds. As 2011 rolled on I got more stressed and depressed and gained more weight until I hit my highest weight again: a whopping and uncomfortable and seriously unhealthy 210 pounds.

My present new job, and two extremely serious flares with IBS, has lightened my load some. At the doctor last week I weighed 206 with all my clothes on. Since then I’ve been paying extra attention to what I am eating, more for the health aspect than anything. I hate my latest version of IBS flare ups. It’s not the healthiest way to lose weight.

But here’s my problem: I have only 2 pairs of pants, one pair of capris, and maybe 2 shirts I can actually wear comfortably or that fit. It’s embarrassing. I’m the office secretary and I slumming it! I can’t go to goodwill and pick up some cheap curvaliscious clothing because there are none there!

I can’t even buy clothes at Walmart right now.

While I’m eternally grateful for my new job and the lack of stress it provides, the money aspect is not so great. We will deal with it but girl needs some new clothes!

This is pretty much what I’m wearing these days. While this might have been ok in my last job, it is not okay in my new job. No one has said anything but I’ve gotten The Look every day from someone in my office, and it’s not someone I can just brush off their opinion. Plus I don’t want to look like a mess. This isn’t about snooty attitudes, this is about respect for my job and my coworkers and how we want to represent our office. I don’t hold a grudge for the person giving me that Look, I would expect more from the office secretary too!

Any tips on taking a limited wardrobe and making it look bigger than it is?



5 responses to “This Clothes Horse is Nekid

  1. What about updating your shoes and jewelry? Wearing a dressier shoe could take the look of this outfit up a notch very quickly. And I know you make gorgeous accessories. Maybe a statement necklace? What do you think?

  2. I definitely agree she makes beautiful accessories! You got it on lock there! — Not sure if you’ve tried them, but there are stores around town here that have great plus sized selections at super cheap prices. Citi-trends is one and there is one called Fashion Plus(?) on Main St. They have dressy stuff as well fun stuff that you don’t normally see in places that SHOULD cater to normal sized women. They aren’t always the highest quality, but if you think of them as only temporary you could have some fun experimenting with your style. Another place to look might be Ross or TJMaxx. More expensive, but higher quality. =c) Bet you could rock a bunch of stuff.
    I totally feel you on the frustration that there is not a lot to be found at thriftstores and even at Walmart. Even the 2x (size shirt I wear from any other store!) clothing is tiny. Grr!

  3. For updating without purchase anything, I agree that updating accessories and shoes would probably be your best bet. Maybe you could lay everything out and see how many outfits you can make. Put things together you never thought of putting together.

  4. I have found that when I have a babysitter, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised at the things she has “put together” on my kids that I would never have thought would match. Maybe a particularly creative friend would see the things you have with new eyes.

    BTW, you’re dressing way nicer than lots of the professors around here, so don’t get down on yourself 😉

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