Can Work be Bliss? Perhaps


I finished my third week in my new job. A friend and I were talking about that honeymoon period one has in a new job. I’ve been worried about the comfort and ease of transition into the job is just me basking in the glow of my job honeymoon.

Can it really be possible that a job, a secretary position nonetheless, can actually be enjoyable? I used to be so embarrassed saying I was a secretary. This became especially true when I started meeting up with some of my former college classmates who all seemed to have unbelievably cool jobs. I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was a secretary. I always had this feeling that people around me thought I’d really do nothing with my life. That I’d just get married, pop out a couple of kids, get fat, and do nothing of interest. Actually, I had a professor at good old Troy University tell a friend of mine this who then told me.

For years I thought that I was living up to this person’s idea of me. Every time someone asked me what I was doing I’d shiver and mumble that I was a secretary and then try to come up with something to make it sound like a really cool job.

Trying to impress people was a waste of my time. I don’t think anybody really judged me, or at least people who were truly my friends. I even took jobs that I knew I wouldn’t like but would make me seem, at least to me, cooler.

Now I’m back, full circle, to secretary-hood, and I like it. It helps that the office I work in does things that I fully support. It helps that my co-workers make me laugh and have unique and interesting personalities. It helps that when I’m not working I’m usually laughing. Sometimes I laugh and work, and then I have to go back and double check my work.

My hope is that this is not just something rare because it’s the summer and we’re not as busy as we will be in the fall. Or that things are calm for me because I’m on break from school. I really like not dreading getting up in the morning. I really like that I don’t get in the car in the afternoon with stories of horrible bosses and miserable students and work that feels pointless and ultimately is more work with little return.

I feel better. I feel good.


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