Update on Kat – Kat Kare Fundraiser

I just got a good call from our veterinarian. Even though Kat does indeed have pancreatitis, she is doing well on her meds. She was given a little bit of food just before they called me, so now they are watching to see if she can keep it down.

The vet said that Kat seemed to be doing pretty good even though she was grumpy after being woken up. I could hear her rooing in the background. If you don’t know what rooing is, just watch the video below. She’s quite good at it. I’m singing with her until she starts to try to eat my homework.


The plan right now is that after work I’ll be able to bring my baby home!


One response to “Update on Kat – Kat Kare Fundraiser

  1. Aww, so glad to hear the baby girl is doing well! ❤ I'm also glad you get to take her home because I think that babies do better when they're with their parents and in a familiar, calm place.
    That "rooing" made me crack up! =cD You two could be a doo wop girl group!
    P.S. You seriously have THE best giggle in the whole world.

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