Kat says Thank you and…*snore*

Kat is home and curled up on her pallet next to the couch. She ate her dinner with gusto and we have not seen it again in an hour. So this is really, really good news. At 10 I did her catheter flushing. I hope I did it correctly. I was worried I’d give her too much or too little. She behaved so well during it. Even when I had to rewrap her ports three times. The sticky band wouldn’t stay closed so I got my own wrap for her, same stuff. She also took her meds, orally, like a trooper! She just sat down and didn’t fit having her mouth pried open and pills shoved in. She swallowed them down.

After dinner she was up and walking around, bright eyed! It was so wonderful seeing her looking like her old self again. Now she’s fighting sleep. She keeps falling asleep and waking up to look at me. I gave her a mini-massage and a light brushing and sang to her, which she likes. Ah, she’s dreaming now. Her feet are fidgeting.

Thank you so much for your prayers and all your love. We are definitely blessed.


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