From ER to Aalatash – Kat Kare

Bright and early I was up to pick Kat up at the ER and take her over to Aalatash Animal Hospital. The veterinarian who doctored her all night said she was a really good dog the entire night.Image

Kat’s catheter still in place with trendy black medical tape. Always so stylish – that’s my girl.

She stopped throwing up but did have some more diarrhea. They gave me her IV bag of fluids and her paperwork and sent us on our way.


At a stoplight – Kat upon Kat in the driver’s side mirror.

We got to Aalatash before they opened but the clinic people were there and very sweet about taking her in right away. She wasn’t really happy about the whole thing. When I went to say goodbye we could her hear “singing” or “rooing” already. I looked at the vet tech and said, “She will sing you an opera if you let her.”

It’s such a strange thing. Kat and I have a connection. She’s mad at me right now for not letting her be at home but when she looks at me I get the feeling that she’s saying, “Don’t go. Just stay here with me.” So she’s mad but she’s not. Cat’s don’t give that option. They are either mad or happy at their humans. At least in my experience.

Now I’m off to shower and go to work. If you’re on campus bring me caffeine. I’m going to need it! 301 Peabody Hall!


2 responses to “From ER to Aalatash – Kat Kare

  1. Glad she’ll be in the great hands of Alatash today!

    I am quite positive that dogs do not get mad at their humans. Especially not in the way you described Kat 🙂

    Without a doubt she is confused and possibly very nervous.. but mad? Nope – their brains don’t work like that.

    Keep getting better girly!

    • I’m so used to cats and how easily us dumb humans can make them mad. Kat’s my first dog. I have to agree I think she was really really nervous and just wasn’t sure what to think about all that is going on except that she wants to be with me and home with her kitties.

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