Kat Kare Fundraiser

Katscratch Fever

Big brown puppy dog eyes asking for help

After work I came home to find that our sweet Greyhound, Kat, had made a mess in her crate. For the next 3 hours we made trips up and down the stairs so she could shoot out rivers of diarrhea onto any available space. After she threw up I knew something was really wrong. We headed to the ER Vet clinic in town.

Once we were there she started pooping blood and throwing up more.

The vet ruled out bloat, which is a huge blessing. Bloat can kill a dog; a horrible, painful death for the dog. After running tests and x-rays the vet decided that Kat has acute pancreatitis. She was severely dehydrated as well.

The ER is keeping Kat overnight and on a continuous IV drip of fluids to get her hydration levels up. They also want to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t get any worse. She’s on an anti-nausea medicine and something to help with the diarrhea. They also added an antibiotic, I think. I’m really tired and worried right now.

The vet warned me that Kat would probably need to stay at our veterinarian’s clinic for a couple of nights to make sure she is okay and responding well to treatment.

He is hoping that this is just a one time case of pancreatitis. Humans who have this same disease tend to have flare ups that cause week long hospital stays and a lot of interruptions in their lives. I can’t imagine this being something Kat will have to go through. We’ll do anything to make her well and keep her healthy.

With all this being said, her vet bills are going to be exponential, at least for Mike and I. I’m not embarrassed to say that my new job, while fabulous and less stressful than my previous job, also required a pay cut. So I’m going to be selling my jewelry and photography to raise money to help pay Kat’s vet bills.

The vet estimated Kat’s vet bill for tonight alone will be between $750 and $950 depending on how well she does. We’re not sure what’s going to happen when we take her to our vet clinic tomorrow. To show that this isn’t a scam, I will post her bills as we get them.

You can find my handcrafted jewelry and my photography at my Etsy shop called The Two Thieves. I’m selling some of my personal jewelry in live auctions in Because the auctions are live I will be able to post the dates and the links to the auctions in which my jewelry is being sold. This is all Sterling silver jewelry and some fun costume jewelry. I’m also hoping to destash some of my jewelry and other crafting supplies on so keep an eye out for those posts as well.

As we pay down the bill(s) for Kat’s veterinarian care (Kat Kare), I’ll post updates. If you just want to make a donation, please donate via paypal to I’ll try to get a picture of Kat posted tomorrow. My poor girl has a catheter in her leg for the IV.
If you feel the call, please share this post with your friends. You can share the link via Facebook or Twitter or email. I cannot tell you how much the prayers and love that has already poured out for Kat means to Mike and I. This is our girl.

In peace, Wendi


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