Been Away and Back

So yeah, the Thanksgiving of Death came and went and so did my first trip “back home” in 12 years. Since Sarah moved to Philly and Philly is only 3 hours away from my family, we “finally” had an excuse to go up north. (And no, my family has not come to see me down here in those 12 years, so…)

The wonderful thing is that I really loved our road trip. Of course, I slept most of the way, but still, yay road trip! When we got to Philly Sarah had us on the train into town and on a bus into some really scary parts of town and then walking back to the train station to go home. It was amazing. I was so excited to do something so different and be somewhere so different from Florida. And seeing Sarah again was one of the best things ever. Not having your best friend in the physical world is hard! I adore my husband but it’s not the same as having a best friend.

Water and Lemon Moon River Love

Being able to see my family was really amazing too. Being back in town too. So much changed and I thought it would stay the same because it never changed in all the years we would go home for Christmas when I was a kid.

I miss my family. I know that they miss me too but I wish the correspondence would be reciprocated a little bit more.

Coming back to Florida was really hard. The trip reminded me of my split loyalties between the North and South, my own little Civil War. I love the mountains and having a variety of seasons. But I love the Southern Hospitality which is an actual thing. I like going to the grocery store and seeing someone I know and I know his mom and his grandmother and I can say, “Hey, how’s your gram?” and be smiled at and told, “You know her, she’s a fighter” and actually know that that is true.

Finally, January came around and some (read: a whole heck of a lot) depression set in. And school started again. It is still scary because I’m out of my element still drawing, but I’m learning to paint! I’m learning how to mix acrylics! I’m learning how to design and create art! It’s an amazing thing. So now we’re finishing up this quarter too. I have a presentation due in two days and a pattern of motifs tomorrow.

Mudra Motif


And finals, but Spring quarter brings my first photography class! I’m excited for the challenge because I know it’s not going to be just take pictures. It’s really going to be challenging. My classmates so far have been inspiring and challenging – I can only imagine what my photography classmates are going to be like, it’s really exciting!

Maybe once things have calmed down and I’m back on track – depression is a total track thrower-off-er – I’ll get back to posting here. Maybe I’ll be able to find my work from this quarter and post it.


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