Final project finished

Okay, gonna need a lot of prayers for this one.

copyright w.decker-miller 2011

My prof’s feedback was cryptic about my finished project. I got a bit mad because I’ve had to ask him repeatedly for specific feedback. All this drawing technique stuff is new to me and I don’t always understand. Also, his grammar and punctuation skills are worst than mine. So it makes his responses to me even more cryptic.

Pretty much hinges on this project. I’m barely scraping by with an 81.74%. I need a B to maintain my scholarship and grant. If I can’t keep my scholarships I won’t be able to continue taking classes. Government loans won’t cover all of my tuition.

What bothers me the most is that a drawing class might keep me from reaching my goal of taking photography classes.

Okay, well, I can’t worry about what might happen. This is one of those instances where I have to let go and let God, right? I’ve learned a lot about myself this semester. Maybe that’s something I needed to learn while taking this class, not just the drawing technique, but I needed to learn about me.


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