In which I attempt to draw

My first semester in art school has been pretty rough. One of my classes is Drawing I. I can’t draw. I’m extremely uncomfortable with the medium; and to make matters worse, I have to get a B or better in my class to keep my scholarship, which pays most of my tuition. Without the scholarship I will have to drop out of school because I can’t afford it.

copyright W. Decker-Miller 2011

This is a work in progress (wip) for my final project. It’s supposed to be still life. My original idea was too advanced for my limited skills. My next idea was deemed too boring. This set up is probably the 25th version of my still life set up. And it still needs another sphere, according to my professor.

I’m finding that technical drawing, which is basically what Drawing I is all about, is much like math. Concepts. You do this to get this result. Line of sight, depth, it’s all geometry. I got straight D’s and the occasional F in my geometry class. Heck, I made mostly D’s in all my math classes. The concepts don’t click in my head. Sometimes the concepts do click in my head but then there is a disconnect between what I understand the execution of what I know (see that lens?).

It’s frustrating getting through this class. I mostly understand how it will help my photography knowledge but when I consider tuition and that scholarship and how I’m just borderline B/C, all I can think is, “I hate this class and it’s stupid and it has nothing to do with my photography!”


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